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#1 Models Lounge: You'll Be Falling In Love (2012)

Date10-01-2012, 20:21
Models Lounge: You'll Be Falling In Love (2012)
VA - Models Lounge: You'll Be Falling In Love - 2012
Lounge | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 287 mb

#2 Taj Mahal and The Hula Blues Band - Sacred Island (1998)

Date20-08-2010, 08:52
Taj Mahal and The Hula Blues Band - Sacred Island (1998)
Taj Mahal and The Hula Blues Band - Sacred Island (1998)

Country: USA | Genre: Blues, World, Ethnic | Year: 1998
Format: mp3 | Audio / Bitrate: 320 kbps | Size: 106.95 Mb

#3 Popular PHP Scripts (AiO) 2015 R3

Date29-05-2015, 07:15
Popular PHP Scripts (AiO) 2015 R3

Popular PHP Scripts (AiO) 2015 R3 | 22.3 MB
PHPSi (All-in-One) is not just limited to Popular PHP Scripts (WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal) Mass Installer, Cloner and Manager, it's so much more..
Before reading the full features of the software, please; always keep in mind PHPSi (All-in-One) Supports Multiple Web Hosting Accounts, Servers and there is no limit, as well works with any web control panel
Fully Automatic Installation Supports Unlimited cPanel Hosting Accounts and Multiple Servers

#4 ScriptingAnswers-VBScript

Date10-02-2011, 20:32
ScriptingAnswers-VBScript | ISO | 580 MB
Genre: Elearning

#5 2500 Premium PHP Scripts Mega Collection

Date22-09-2010, 04:47

2500 Premium PHP Scripts Mega Collection

2500 Premium PHP Scripts Mega Collection | 987 Mb

#6 Super Mind Evolution System - Complete Digital Ebooks, Audios, Bonuses, Website Bonuses

Date23-02-2011, 23:57
Super Mind Evolution System - Complete Digital Ebooks, Audios, Bonuses, Website Bonuses

Super Mind Evolution System - Complete Digital Ebooks, Audios, Bonuses, Website Bonuses
mp3 320 Kbps + pdf | 1.33 GB
Genre: Self Improvement

Experience 10 years of advanced mind power research. Now With Powerful Revolutionary Audios... Many of Jim's reports explain how to prepare your own audios. using his advanced hypnotic scripts. We've taken these carefully crafted scripts (some took over 12 months of experimentation), and given them to a world leading brain audio engineer and expert hypnotherapist. By combining Jim's stunning research with modern brain entrainment technology, you now have access to UNIQUE and powerful mp3 audios. Create a happier, healthier, wealthier and more fulfilling life...

#7 VbsEdit (x86/x64)

Date13-12-2010, 20:05
VbsEdit (x86/x64)

VbsEdit (x86/x64) | 10/13 MB

VBScript editor that dramatically reduces the time you spend writing .VBS scripts. It features include syntax coloring, built-in debugger, auto-capitalize, auto-completion features (list object members, display parameters info, complete words), dynamic help (If you press F1, help is provided for the word under the cursor), code snippets, tons of samples scripts, object browser, WMI classes browser, and WMI code generator.

#8 2500 Premium PHP Scripts Mega Collection

Date20-09-2010, 18:41
2500 Premium PHP Scripts Mega Collection

2500 Premium PHP Scripts Mega Collection | 987 Mb

#9 Console Portable 2.00 b147 Portable

Date8-12-2010, 20:13
Console Portable 2.00 b147 Portable

Console Portable 2.00 b147 Portable | 5.55 Mb

Console is a Windows console window enhancement, adding numerous organizational and UI enhancement to a standards Windows command prompt.
Console features include: multiple tabs, text editor-like text selection, different background types, alpha and color-key transparency, configurable font, different window styles and more.

Helpful Tip: You can include your own custom scripts in the directory ConsolePortable\Data\scripts (created after you have run it once) so you can use your own command line tools from every location.

Home Page -

#10 SQLite Expert Professional 2.4.45

Date23-08-2010, 09:59
SQLite Expert Professional 2.4.45

SQLite Expert Professional 2.4.45 | 22.5 MB

SQLite Expert Professional - a powerful visual tool that allows you to easily work with databases SQLite3. Contains effective data management tools. Provides all the necessary tools to work: viewing, creating, editing, copying, deleting, export objects, *** management database, management functions and procedures. The program has simple and intuitive graphical interface.

#11 VA - Electro House Vision vol.3 (2010)

Date8-06-2010, 14:34

#12 Database.Net 3.8.3965 Portable

Date12-11-2010, 16:00
Database.Net 3.8.3965 Portable

Database.Net 3.8.3965 Portable | 7.65 Mb

Database .NET is a simple and intuitive database management tool for multiple databases, making local and remote database administration easier. With it you can Create databases, Design tables, Edit data, Export data, Generate scripts and run SQL queries. A standalone tool that does not require installation. Create, Shrink, Protect Database. Export to CSV/XML/TXT/XLS/SQL. Syntax Highlighting. Table Editor.

#13 ExeScript Editor v2.6.1.0

Date24-01-2011, 20:23
ExeScript Editor v2.6.1.0ExeScript Editor v2.6.1.0 | 7 mb
ExeScript Editor - All-in-one script development studio with debugging and code completion. Script editor and debugger. Compile scripts into exe.Design, code, and debug scripts in multiple languages with new visual script editor! Supporting Batch, VBScript, WSF, WSH, HTA, JScript, Object Rexx, PerlScript, Python, and PowerShell scripting languages, ExeScript Editor makes it easy and comfortable to write and debug scripts. The included protection module allows obfuscating or encrypting the scripts securely, while the built-in script compiler creates self-contained EXE files ready to be deployed to other workstations.

#14 Programming Languages Pack

Date25-10-2010, 13:24
Programming Languages Pack

Programming Languages Pack
English | PDF + CHM + DJVU | 401MB

A big collection of ebooks of C, C++, Delphi, Haskell, Java, Lisp, Perl, Python, Shell Scripts, Visual Studio

#15 Bogdan Ureche SQLite Expert Professional v3.0.39-Lz0

Date18-08-2010, 07:50
Bogdan Ureche SQLite Expert Professional v3.0.39-Lz0

Lz0 with the latest version of SQLite Expert Professional . A very powerful and useful application for web administrators.

SQLite Expert is a powerful visual tool that enables you to easily administer your SQLite3 databases and gain significantly better visibility into how your databases are operating. SQLite Expert integrates database management and maintenance into a single, seamless environment, with a clear and intuitive graphical user interface.
Bogdan Ureche SQLite Expert Professional v3.0.39-Lz0

* Edit tables and views visually, without writing a line of SQL. Easily restructure fields, indexes, constraints, triggers without losing data already existing in the tables.
* Build SQL scripts and generate views visually using the integrated Query Builder.
* Create SQLite3 databases, view and change database parameters, check database integrity and vacuum (compact) databases.
* Easily transfer data between SQLite databases, import data from SQL scripts or ADO data sources, or export to SQL scripts.
* Display and edit data in the grid, including BLOB and image fields. Currently supports BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF image formats. BLOB fields can be edited with the integrated hex editor.
* Execute SQL queries and display results in the grid or as text.

Releasename : Bogdan.Ureche.SQLite.Expert.Professional.v2.1.14-Lz0
Size : 22.84 MB

#16 FlashDigger

Date1-09-2010, 05:29

FlashDigger | 7.6 MB

Explores Flash files, extracts and updates text, graphics, sound and actions. Graphics can be exported in JPEG, PNG and BMP format. Sounds are saved in MP3 or WAV. You can change scene size/frame rate, insert/remove tags and frames, insert, remove or modify actions, change object placement, update URL's, associated with a button object or defined in ActionScript, apply your own URL to the scene or its part, remove/apply soundtrack or video to your movie, edit action scripts and do many other things. Software supports up to the latest Flash SWF file format, produced by Adobe Flash CS4. Includes advanced tools, such as ActionScript Obfuscator, ActionScript Protector, Batch SWF Text Extractor and Batch SWF Text Updater.

#17 Masquerade: Venice Lounge Club (2011)

Date21-11-2011, 14:11
Masquerade: Venice Lounge Club (2011)
VA - Masquerade: Venice Lounge Club - 2011
Downtempo | MP3 | 320 Kbps | 268 mb

#18 Namo WebEditor 8 Suite + (Portable).

Date30-09-2010, 11:17
Namo WebEditor 8 Suite + (Portable).

Namo WebEditor 8 Suite + (Portable) | 208 MB.