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AppDev AJAX 4 Using Visual Basic 2010 Server Side-iNKiSO

AppDev AJAX 4 Using Visual Basic 2010 Server Side-iNKiSO | 756 MB
Genre: Eleaning

AJAX is based on a collection of open and standards-based technologies that can give Web pages you build a responsiveness that rivals what you get in desktop applications. The course starts out with an exploration of the fundamentals of AJAX. Then you ll go through a few of the more interesting features in javascript that will help you write code that runs in the browser. Next up is an introduction to the five server-side controls that you can use in a Web forms page to reduce the amount of data that has to move between client and server. Then you ll explore some of the techniques you can use to create applications that give users a good experience with your Web application. Next you ll look at the AJAX Control Toolkit, a collection of server-side controls and extenders that do a lot of the work that you used to have to write reams of javascript code to accomplish.
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