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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:39
OfficeTab Enterprise v8.0

OfficeTab Enterprise v8.0 | 11 Mb

ExtendOffice.com company introduced a new version of its small but very useful utility called Office Tab 6.50 The principle of Office Tab is relatively simple, but no less effective - the windows open documents are displayed in the interface of Office applications as tabs open pages in modern browsers.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:38
Photo Montage Guide 1.2.1 Portable

Photo Montage Guide 1.2.1 Portable | 5.3 MB

Photo Montage Guide - separates solid objects from an arbitrary background, applies background effects (filling, shadowing, blur, monochrome), allows transferring objects to another photo, makes a photomontage, allows you to change the size or aspect ratio of an image keeping the "important" features intact and remove objects from photo without visible traces.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:37
BricsCad Platinum v12.1.4.32852

BricsCad Platinum v12.1.4.32852 | 127 MB
Bricscad V12 Platinum revolutionizes .dwg-based modeling with its 3D constraint solver. Users can now add 3D constraints to edges, faces, and to several types of 3D solids. Constraints are added to the constraint control panel in a manner similar to 2D constraints. Users can view constraints in the model simply by selecting them in the panel.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:35
Total Commander 8.0 Beta 9 Portable (x86/x64) Multilingual

Total Commander 8.0 Beta 9 Portable (x86/x64) Multilingual | 8.0 MB

Total Commander (former Wincmd) is a file manager for Windows similar to the Windows Explorer. But Total Commander uses a different approach: it has two fixed windows side by side like a well-known file manager for DOS.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:34
Weather Watcher Live v7.0.96

Weather Watcher Live v7.0.96 | 5 Mb

Weather Watcher Live can access real-time weather information from thousands of NWS, WeatherBug and Weather Underground weather stations from all across the world.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:33
My Faster Pc Version v6.0

My Faster Pc Version v6.0 | 5 Mb

My Faster PC gives you the tools to maintain your PC and help improve computer performance. Now you can use the same tools that only experts know about - easily and safely. Discover everything My Faster PC includes below.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:32
MAXA Cookie Manager v5.2

MAXA Cookie Manager v5.2 | 5 Mb
A cookie (also tracking cookie, browser cookie, and HTTP cookie) is a small piece of text stored on a user's computer by a web browser. A cookie contains bits of information such as user preferences, shopping cart contents, or anything else the website you visit wants to set.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:31
Hamrick VueScan Pro v9.0.61 Multilingual-EAT

Hamrick VueScan Pro v9.0.61 Multilingual-EAT | 11 Mb
VueScan - program to work with scanners. Can work with internal color depth. VueScan supports automatic and manual settings most of the parameters and batch scanning. Supported by over 500 scanner models with a certain superiority in the slide-scanners - Nikon, Minolta, Polaroid, Microtek, Epson. There are automatic removal of image defects due to the channel infrared scanning, and multipass scanning and averaging the result - to suppress the intrinsic noise of the scanner. There are filters to suppress the grain, unsharp masking and removal of parasitic tone of the original. There is a means of manual adjustment of dynamic range and graded characteristics (regardless of the channels R, G, B).
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:30
ProgDVB Professional Edition Edition v6.73.4 (x86/x64)

ProgDVB Professional Edition Edition v6.73.4 (x86/x64) | 25 Mb

ProgDVB Professional Edition - is considered one of the best programs to watch satellite TV and listen to digital radio. Supports a large number DVBkart has the ability to record television, feature TimeShift (delayed viewing), allows broadcast channel in the network, working with subtitles, teletext, EQ, etc.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:29
Evaer Video Recorder For Skype

Evaer Video Recorder For Skype | 5.4 MB

Record your Skype video and audio calls into AVI movies. Easy to use for your Skype video and audio interviews, conferences, podcasts, or family VoIP calls. Evaer - excellent Skype video & audio recorder features: Capture original Skype video and audio data to record with high quality. Support single video call and group video calls. Directly record Skype video calls to your hard disk with side-by-side or separate mode. Record separate MP3 audio file in the video calls is optional. Choose the video compressor by your requirement. Automatic chat reply. Easy to use with friendly UI.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:27
Bigasoft iPhone Ringtone Maker Multilanguage

Bigasoft iPhone Ringtone Maker Multilanguage | 7.9 Mb
Bigasoft iPhone Ringtone Maker is an easy-to-use iPhone ringtone creator which helps you easily convert music like MP3 to iPhone ringtone M4R, even create iPhone ringtone M4R from your personal music/movie collection including WMA, M4A, WAV, MP3, RA, AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, AVCHD, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, WebM, VP8 video and so on, and transfer the new created ringtone to iPhone via USB cable for you automatically.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:26
SnowFox Screen Recorder 1.1

SnowFox Screen Recorder 1.1 | 5.1 MB

SnowFox Screen Recorder is a powerful Video Screen Capture, Screen Recording tool for recording screen activity and recording sound from PC or microphone into standard AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, FLV, SWF video file.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:25
Easy Photo Sorter

Easy Photo Sorter | 2.57 MB

Several hundreds or thousands? How quickly could you find the photo you need? There is a program for you to sort your photos automatically by date. You need only 3 clicks to do this if you use Easy Photo Sorter. 1. Select a folder with your photos 2. Select one among 12 possible ways of sorting and one among plenty ways of renaming 3. Select a folder for your collection to be copied and removed. Easy Photo Sorter keeps folders in chronological order and sorts in them your photos or graphical images. Your collection will become larger and larger but it'll be always in order due to Easy Photo Sorter.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:23
Golden Software Strater 2.5.704

Golden Software Strater 2.5.704 | 24.2 MB

Strater is a well log and borehole plotting software program that imports your data from a multitude of sources (database files, data files, LAS files, ODBC, and OLE DB data sources). Strater provides innumerable ways to graphically display your data. All the logs are fully customizable to suit your needs. Design and save template and scheme files to make log creation efficient and consistent, create multi-page continuous logs, and quickly display new borehole logs. Utilize the header and footer panes to store all the information about the logs, such as well number, driller, location, method, company name, and company logo. The flexibility Strater offers is unparalleled.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:22
Ashampoo Burning Studio 11.0.0 Beta Multilanguage

Ashampoo Burning Studio 11.0.0 Beta Multilanguage | 179 Mb

Ashampoo Burning Studio program for recording CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD RW and Blu-ray discs last line of the package. The utility allows you to create projects and record CD / DVD (including MP3-CD, VCD, S-VCD, and Blu-ray). The program supports long filenames (127 characters for DVD and Blu-ray and 64 for CD), automatic configuration settings, saving and loading of the project, the creation of images, a simple file management with DragandDrop and much more. Works in conjunction with most recording devices. It has never been so easy to convert your files to DVD discs that can be played on any DVD-player.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:21
Erics Telnet 98 14.4.5910 SSH Multilingual

Erics Telnet 98 14.4.5910 SSH Multilingual | 3.29 Mb

TelNet98 is the full-featured and highly flexible PC Telnet Client for Intra- & Internet!
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:20
Golden Software Surfer 10.4.799

Golden Software Surfer 10.4.799 | 43.5 MB

Surfer is a contouring and 3D surface mapping program that runs under Microsoft Windows. It quickly and easily converts your data into outstanding contour, 3D surface, 3D wireframe, vector, image, shaded relief, and post maps. Virtually all aspects of your maps can be customized to produce exactly the presentation you want. Producing publication quality maps has never been quicker or easier.
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CategorySoftware Date15-11-2011, 02:19
Gmail Notifier Pro 3.4 Multilingual + Portable

Gmail Notifier Pro 3.4 Multilingual + Portable | 3.6/3.9 MB

Gmail Notifier Pro is a Windows application capable of checking multiple Gmail accounts for new mail and display notifications.